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Best Recreational Places to Take your Dog in Austin, Texas

Best Recreational Places to Take your Dog in Austin, TexasAustin, Texas is one of the most popular places to visit in Central Texas, but just because you’re visiting the Lone Star State doesn’t mean you should leave your furry family members at home! Austin is home to some of the best recreational dog parks in the country. We’ve gathered together a list of some of the best places to take your dogs when you’re visiting the city of Austin.

Red Bud Isle

Red Bud Isle is one of the most popular leash-free dog parks in the state. Located on a peninsula and surrounded on three sides by water, this is the perfect place for dogs that enjoy spending some time in the water as well as running on land. There isn’t a lot of space for parking though, so leave that big truck or SUV at home in favor of a smaller vehicle. If your pup enjoys the water, make sure that you’re prepared for a wet and muddy ride home!

West Austin Dog Park

This fenced dog park is perfect for those dogs that aren’t fond of water but would love a place to run until their hearts are content. There is green grass for sprinting, as well as some delightfully grass-free areas for digging and sprinting. There are also plenty of shady places for you to sit while you watch your furry friends frolic in the sunlight!

Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake, also known as Town Lake, is the best place in Austin for swimming with your dog. It’s puppy friendly and people friendly! Not only is the site perfect for going for a run or a swim with your furry friend, it is also a fantastic tourist attraction as well. If you need a break from running or swimming, consider renting a paddleboat for you and your dog to float across the lake and soak up the warm Texas sun.

Metropolitan Park at Walnut Creek

If you’re worried about taking your small-breed dog to the dog park because he or she wouldn’t stand a chance against the bigger and sometimes meaner dogs, then Metropolitan Park is the place for you. This little 1 acre park is right on Walnut Creek, and provides a fantastic place for dogs to run, play, and swim in the sun. There is also a separate part of the park especially for smaller breed dogs so you don’t have to worry about your little furry family member getting stepped on by a big German shepherd or other large breed. For the human side of things, there is close and convenient parking and attached restrooms.


If you’re bringing your furry family member with you on your Austin vacation, then they will not be left out! Dog boarding austin is also full of dog-friendly hotels and professional kennels so you can easily find a reputable place to house your dog if you’re planning on visiting other less dog-friendly attractions. Don’t wait for a brand new company to buy a lot, rent a construction dumpster or removal service, and build an entirely novel location. There’s no reason to leave your furry family members out of your Lone Star vacation, so bring them along and enjoy all of the dog-friendly areas that Austin has to offer.